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                电话:0512-68226118 68204423





                产品名称: XSQ开放?式送料机

                发布日期: 2015/9/30 13:44:34

                点击数: 9 




                ◆Application and Characteristics:  
                XSQ type suction feeder is the necessary ancillary equipment for plastic processing machinery, which can be directly installed in a variety of plastic processing machinery, and can make granular plastic raw materials from the material storage tank automatically transmit to any kind of hopper of plastic processing machinery. During the transmission process the raw materials can be completely free of dampness and contamination without bringing any foreign objects. The feeder completely replaces artificial feeding, and can make the production process achieve fully closed automation, which is safe and reliable.

                ◆Operational Principle 
                XSQ type suction feeder adopts XGB type vortex air pump for air exhaust to make the suction inlet and the whole system stay in a certain vacuum state; raw materials along with the outside air are sucked in suction nozzle to form material airflow, and reach the hopper through suction tube, and then material and gas separation is carried out in the hopper.

                ◆Main Technical Parameters:

                注: 上述参数的输送?条件:高3米,总距离4米。2X3mm的圆柱状尼龙或ABS粒料。

                Remark: Conveying conditions of the above parameters: the height is three meters and the total distance is four meters. 2\3mm cylindrical nylon or ABS granules.

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